rossville, georgia, usa | december 21, 2018

western electric is announcing pre-orders for the 300b vacuum tube will begin in the us january 11, 2019 and in select countries worldwide february 15, 2019. this announcement comes at the end of an eventful year in which western electric completed construction of the rossville works, a new facility dedicated to the manufacture of electron tubes. at eighty years old, the 300b is returning once again to meet renewed demand for music and hi-fi lovers around the world.

This opportunity will allow customers worldwide to begin purchasing tubes directly from Western Electric on a pre-order basis. Exact time of delivery is based on a first-in, first out allocation system and a scheduled ramp in production at the Rossville Works. Quantities will be limited and restrictions apply. For more details, visit jsrlzkt.cn/300b. For questions regarding the pre-order process, email 300b@jsrlzkt.cn.

western electric is committed to meeting renewed, worldwide demand for the 300b.

九星广西棋牌三江字牌followers of western electric are encouraged to to get notified first when pre-orders begin.

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rossville, georgia, usa | october 5, 2018

九星广西棋牌三江字牌western electric continues its 2018 trade show circuit at the audio engineering society (aes) trade show and convention in new york city, october 17-20. their exhibition will feature the soft debut of a new, wearable recording device that works with your phone to record truly immersive, 360° sound. the sonic presence vr15 spatial microphone is the invention of russ hamm, a long-time audio engineer and former board member of the aes. he brings decades of audio innovation experience to this project he’s been developing for three years.

九星广西棋牌三江字牌hamm explains, “you can record super high res, 4k video on your phone, why shouldn’t there be an easy way to record great sound, too? the vr15 works with your iphone or android device to do just that. plug it in, record with your favorite app, and a lifelike, as-if-you’re-there soundstage unfolds in playback.”

hamm hopes this simple, yet versatile device will advance personal audio, studio recording, virtual reality tools, gaming, and many other potential applications. it’s powerful, usb interface handles up to 24 bit resolution, 96khz sample rate, 20 to 20,000hz frequency response, 130 db maximum spl, and 110db dynamic range.

known today for amplifiers and other high-fidelity playback components, western electric’s involvement with this concept is a notable return to the arena of sound recording, an industry it played a major role in establishing throughout the 20th century, beginning with the condenser microphone in 1916 and the inauguration of film sound ten years later.

visit western electric and the sonic presence team at aes new york from october 17-19, 2018 at booth 535.

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Update from The Rossville Works

九星广西棋牌三江字牌rossville, georgia, usa | september 1, 2018

九星广西棋牌三江字牌as part of our ongoing effort to keep you informed about the return of the we 300b, we’re reporting a not too unexpected production delay.

this past january, western electric was proud to announce first availability of the new tubes for september 1. but, we could not have foreseen exactly how much time and attention each unique and valuable piece of the assembly line would need. it’s a complex, magical process, bringing together old tech and 21st-century standards.

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Western Electric Officially Announces WE 91E Amplifier

九星广西棋牌三江字牌rossville, georgia, usa | may 9, 2018

as part of our continued observance of the we 300b vacuum tube’s 80th anniversary, we’re announcing to the audio world a brand new amplifier, the we 91e. the 91e is itself a celebration of the 300b, which is popular today for its many high-end audio applications. the single-ended, integrated amp will unleash the triode, pushing over 20 watts per channel while remaining well within safe operating areas. this never before seen level of performance is achieved by a bold and creative circuit topology which gives powerful, balanced playback with low noise and zero negative feedback. within its elegant, yet simple enclosure design is a class a2, constant current source (ccs), parallel feed circuit board, a toroidal power and output transformer, microprocessor controlled bias, and a moving coil, moving magnet phono stage.

the 91e not only celebrates the 300b, but the 91a, its famous predecessor. president charles whitener says, “i imagined this amp as a modern tribute to a great piece in western electric’s rich product lineage. our lead engineer brought decades of experience to make something really special and unexpected. it’s a perfect marriage between old school and new school.”

“It's a perfect marriage between old school and new school.”
Charles Whitener, CEO

we’re also planning for a limited edition, monoblock version of the 91e called the 91c metropolis. the metropolis takes the breakthrough technology in the 91e and elevates it with stunning and eccentric industrial design. we designed it with fritz lang’s art-deco inspired film of the same name in mind. lang once said of his dystopian vision, “the movie was born from my first sight of the skyscrapers in new york in october 1924.” you can order this original piece of the western electric skyline soon after the release of the 91e.

this update from our lab comes during a busy time when, just down the street, a new tube factory is being operationalized. you can expect a fresh run of we 300b’s in late fall 2018, with the 91e shortly after. stay informed by or by watching our , , and profiles.

the 91e’s expected msrp is $9995. the 91e is in its final prototype stage. design subject to change.

The 150-Year-Old Western Electric Reintroduces Flagship Product to Market, Gives Exclusive Distribution Rights In Japan

tokyo, japan - rossville, georgia, usa | april 2, 2018

western electric’s famous 300b electron tube, used in high-end audio amplifiers, is returning to production this year, and the rossville-based company is proud to announce that electori will be the exclusive distributor in japan.

kiyohiko yamamoto, electori president, said his company was proud to represent western electric in japan.

“ELECTORI’s goal is to locate and deliver only world-class products for our customers, so we are glad to be the exclusive supplier of the renowned Western Electric in Japan,”
Kiyohiko Yamamoto, ELECTORI President

九星广西棋牌三江字牌“we do not take on the responsibility of providing the support and maintenance necessary that makes a product’s success if we weren’t certain we had the best product available. with western electric, we are confident and optimistic,” yamamoto said.

charles whitener, western electric ceo, said choosing electori as the solo japanese distributor was a strategic decision as western electric begins reproduction of the legacy 300b electron tube.

九星广西棋牌三江字牌“we’re restarting the manufacturing of our world-class 300b tubes, in time for its 80th anniversary, this year, and it makes sense to work directly with the premier japanese audio distributor for this endeavor,” whitener said.

electori will be the exclusive distributor of all western electric products in japan.

“continuing our 80th-anniversary celebration of the 300b, we are unveiling a new single-ended amplifier called the 91e, as an homage to its famous predecessor the 91a, first introduced in 1936,” whitener said. “we trust that our classic and new products are in excellent hands with mr. yamamoto and his company.”

九星广西棋牌三江字牌western electric will begin full production of new tubes late fall 2018. they will be assembled in rossville, georgia, at a new and reimagined electron tube works facility.

Since its founding in 1964, ELECTORI has been importing, selling and supporting the world’s finest professional sound equipment, consumer audio products and audiovisual digital information equipment. ELECTORI is a subsidiary of the Hibino Group.

The Return

greetings from western electric

九星广西棋牌三江字牌rossville, georgia | january 23, 2017

九星广西棋牌三江字牌it is my distinct pleasure to announce that the we 300b electron tube will re-enter production this year, in time for its 80th anniversary. the famous triode was developed at bell labs in 1933 in the form of its predecessor, the 300a, which was modified, patented, and then produced at many historic works facilities beginning in 1938. the 300b has journeyed from the original new york tube shops, to the legendary hawthorne works, allentown works, kansas city works, then the huntsville works. the sparkling new tubes that will roll off the line late this fall will be assembled here in rossville, georgia at a new and reimagined electron tube works facility. furthering our commitment to manufacturing excellence, we are installing new hydrogen reduction ovens, automated cathode cleaning lines, new laser welding systems, a state-of-the-art water deionization plant, and an updated testing system with improved accuracy. however, the 300b will still be manufactured from its original tooling and assembly specification standards.

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Western Electric Launches New Website Serving The High End Audio Industry

rossville, georgia | september 15, 2016

western electric today announced a new website designed to appeal to the high end audio industry. over the coming weeks and months, western electric will be announcing new products and partnerships with recognized industry experts and brands.

九星广西棋牌三江字牌since 1872, western electric is recognized for its innovation, high quality products and outstanding service. in keeping with these values, western electric has assembled two engineering teams, one team focused on the development of an innovative high performance mid-range air motion transformer targeted for release in the spring of 2017 and, the other team focused on the development of a fully integrated amplifier featuring the we 300-b targeted for delivery in the summer of 2017.

In keeping with the traditions of Western Electric and its roots, like Western Electric Supply, the company is announcing WE SELECT®, a sales channel to resell products certified by Western Electric to be best products in the industry on the basis of industry recognition, technical excellence, high quality manufacturing and service excellence. It is our pleasure to announce GAUDER AKUSTIK, Renningen, Germany as the first products to qualify for WE SELECT®九星广西棋牌三江字牌. The company will be announcing more details in coming weeks.

Western Electric products are recognized by the High End Audio industry for its outstanding amplifiers, speakers, vacuum tubes and components. We invite the reader to visit our new website at jsrlzkt.cn and to sent directly to you, personally; to keep you informed about company updates, relevant industry information, new products, product availability and partner announcements: send an email to: news@jsrlzkt.cn.

western electric is recognized by the high end audio industry for its exceptional quality in amplifiers, speakers, vacuum tubes and components. the we 300-b vacuum tube, since 1929 is still the benchmark by which all other tubes are measured.

- end -

Press Contact: Tim Walsh
Western Electric
Office: 404-352-2000
Cell: 781-929-7657


Western Electric at Audio Expo North America in Chicago

九星广西棋牌三江字牌what they're saying...

“once upon a time i used to buy and sell vintage western electric gear. i did it mostly because i needed money, but the gear itself was spectacular in its form-follows-function beauty. to my taste, no audio gear is more attractive to the eye than a we 49b preamplifier or 43a amplifier. even the lightning-bolt font of their logo is exciting to look at. so it comes as no surprise that i had to visit the latest reinvention of that legendary brand.

the centerpiece of the new western electric presentation was the $10k "91e" integrated amplifier that western electric's charles whitener says operates in parallel-feed single-ended mode, wherein a single we300b tube puts out 22wpc (!?). and come late fall, we can all buy new, not new old stock (nos), western electric 300bs for $1495/pair.

九星广西棋牌三江字牌a new $8500 western electric 203c tube cd player drove the 91e amplifier, which drove a pair of gauder akustic berliner 7 loudspeakers with big lucid transparent vivo. (i was surprised by the ease, flow, and sense of power these single 300bs developed in parallel-feed.) those big carbonized plates were transmitting a giant soundstage populated with dense images and vivid instrumental tone. speaker cables and interconnects were new-manufacture western electrics, made from cloth-covered wire, just like the rolls of nos we wire i used to repair the vintage western electric amps i sold."

九星广西棋牌三江字牌- herb reichart, stereophile

九星广西棋牌三江字牌“western electric export corporation—whose famous trademark has graced the world's most coveted vacuum tubes and other audio products—will release in october its 91e integrated amplifier ($7500), a 22wpc baby that uses 300b tubes. together with a western electric 203c tubed cd player ($8500), 351c pcm/dsd dac ($12,500), and gauder akustic berliner 7 loudspeakers, the system sounded gorgeous on a track by natalie cole. the midrange was to die for—‘just magical,’ i wrote in my notes. ...this system's warm bouquet was hard to resist.”

- jason victor serinus, stereophile

“western electric had a working prototype of a new tube integrated amplifier. it is on the top of the rack shown here but that is a mock up case. the real case will have a cleaner industrial design and a very slick brushed nickel finish.

九星广西棋牌三江字牌the model number is 91e and the amp will be class a2 parallel feed current source topology with a pair of 300b’s doing the heavy lifting to bring about a 21 watt per channel power rating. it also features no negative feedback. it will have processor controlled auto bias. mm/mc phono stage included.

naturally, this amp demonstrated a very warm palette with that luscious, hard-to-forget tube sound. this too was a strong product launch of an amp that will probably be turning heads and ears in the coming months.”

- jim clements, secrets of home theater and high fidelity

Western Electric Select Introduces Gauder Akustik Speakers Uber-Successful German Brand Available in the US

visit them at munich highend | atrium | demos e105 | press/industry e104

九星广西棋牌三江字牌rossville, georgia | may 9, 2017

Western Electric Select®, a division of Western Electric®九星广西棋牌三江字牌, distributes and sells only the finest High End products available. The first to qualify for WE

select is gauder akustik, a successful speaker manufacturer with a full line based in renningen, germany.

roland gauder is a physicist using extreme computing power for speaker calculations and design on a strictly mathematical basis that led to many advanced speaker innovations. “the most important speaker parameters are excellent impulse response, wide dispersion, and eliminating frequency overlap at the crossover points which only creates phase problems,” explains mr. gauder.

“music consists of impulses,” he continues, “there are no sine waves in nature! frequency response only tells part of the story, it’s impulse response that makes a speaker sound good or mediocre. we’ve tried many drivers and diaphragm materials but there’s nothing that compares to ceramic or diamond, the only materials we can say faithfully reproduce music’s impulse demands. ultra-steep, symmetrical crossovers reduce driver overlap to the absolute minimum for extremely smooth phase response.” the sound is dynamic and captivating, an emotional wash of music and feeling.

Beautiful Cabinets Complement the Calculations

The Arcona series are beautifully-finished with curved cabinets; the Vescova and Cassiano are curved-cabinet construction and allow sand-loading the sidewalls. The fabulous Berlina series features unique rib construction; rather than sidewalls, single ribs are stacked one over the other creating an enclosed volume. Bottom and top covers complete the construction. Gauder Akustik cabinets avoid ringing and virtually disappear as the music flows.

About Western Electric Select

Western Electric Select®, a division of Western Electric®, distributes and sells the finest products available. The first to qualify for WE SELECT® is Gauder Akustik a successful speaker manufacturer from Renningen, Germany. Western Electric’s high-end audio products are renowned the world over, and the WE 300-B audio tube is still regarded as the standard of the world.

Western Electric | Rossville, Georgia
Office: 404-352-2000

About Gauder Akustik

九星广西棋牌三江字牌gauder akustik is an award-winning speaker manufacturer acclaimed in germany, europe and other countries around the world. it features a full line of spectacular-sounding speakers for everyone who loves design as well as music. visit them at highend 2017 in munich, atrium e105, press and industry meetings in e104.

Gauder Akustik | Renningen Germany
Office: +49 7159 920161

Press Contact: Jonathan Scull
Scull Communications
Office: 212-807-0519
Cell: 646-369-3340
Skype: J10Scull

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AT&T Agrees to Buy Time Warner for $85.4 Billion


in the world of media, bigger remains better.

九星广西棋牌三江字牌so in the wake of comcast’s $30 billion takeover of nbcuniversal and verizon communications’ serial acquisitions of the huffington post and yahoo, at&t has bought one of the remaining crown jewels of the entertainment industry.

九星广西棋牌三江字牌the telecommunications giant agreed on saturday to buy time warner, the home of hbo and cnn, for about $85.4 billion, creating a new colossus capable of both producing content and distributing it to millions with wireless phones, broadband subscriptions and satellite tv connections.

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AT&T Is Buying Time Warner Because The Future Is Google

By Klint Finley

九星广西棋牌三江字牌telecommunications companies are becoming media companies. that explains at&t’s agreement to buy time warner for $85.4 billion. but something else explains it, too.

media companies are becoming telecoms.

Internet firms like Google and Facebook and Amazon and Netflix are the new media companies. They deliver enormous amounts of video online, posing a direct threat to old-school television and movie companies. But they also are becoming telecoms, threatening the likes of AT&T and Verizon.


Axpona 2019

九星广西棋牌三江字牌april 12-14, 2019 in chicago

九星广西棋牌三江字牌audio expo north america (axpona) is the largest high-end audio show in north america. the three-day experience features multiple hotel floors packed with listening rooms, the expo hall featuring the record fair, a dedicated ear gear expo, seminars and live musical performances. whether you’re a serious audiophile, a newcomer to high-end audio or simply a music lover, you’ll find everything you need to immerse yourself in your favorite sounds.

High End Munich

may 9-12, 2019 in munich

the moc in munich hosts the high end, our well-known, popular and successful specialist trade fair, which sets the tone in europe in the truest sense of the expression. some consider it to be the definitive source of audiophiles inspiration. others see it as a business date of the highest priority. and both are right.

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